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SOHIN Group is a company to serve
the patients, their families, treating
doctors and caregivers.
What we do?
Your health is the most important
for us, we want you
to feel good.
Know us
The passion for life inspires us
to offer each patient
an integral and unique service.
Want to know how?
You are not alone,
we want to talk with you.
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The guardian angel of your health

At SOHIN we work to transform the care model of patients with chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic renal failure, among others.

Come and meet us! We want to take care of you!

Cancer in the world

It is estimated that the world lives about 32.6 million people with cancer.



new cancer cases globally WHO


cases of cancer that are registered daily World Cancer Report 2014


is the number of cases expected to increase over the next 20 years WHO


new cases of cancer per year. The number of deaths recorded was 79 thousand in 2012 IARC


colombians are diagnosed with cancer, a disease that annually kills 33 thousand people Ministry of Health and Social Protection


new cases are diagnosed in Argentina a year National Cancer Institute

1 out of 3

mexicans will have a diagnosis of cancer throughout their life WHO

trillion dollars

It is the annual economic cost invested in cancer in 2010,
equivalent to more than 2% of world GDP. WHO

billion dollars

It could have been saved globally by investing in prevention, timely detection
and effective cancer treatment.

At SOHIN we know that personalized medicine and individualized treatments are the key to accessing health services and optimizing system resources.

We firmly believe that our passion is the engine of transformation.

Manifiesto SOHIN

We have become the guardian angel of our patients

We exist for them, their families, their treating doctors and caregivers.

  • Mission

    We work for people who face a chronic-degenerative disease, developing comprehensive models of care that improve their quality of life and that of their family.

  • 2020 Vision

    We want to transform the care model of patients with catastrophic chronic-degenerative diseases, benefiting 100,000 patients.

  • Values

    • Discipline
    • Vocation for service
    • Passion for life
    • Teamwork
    • Quest for excellence


Diseases disharmonize, we help you to harmonize again

At SOHIN we understand that each patient is unique, so he has the right to personalized attention and individualized treatment.

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